Hypoallergenic Puppies

About Our Hypoallergenic Puppies in Castle Rock, CO

If you’ve always lived with allergies, chances are you’ve given up on the idea of having a pet. However, we at TR Doodles want you to know that you don’t have to settle for a pet-free life – regardless of your allergies. Our hypoallergenic puppies in Castle Rock, CO, are perfect for those who find themselves irritated by most other dogs’ fur. Reach out today to find out more about our puppies or read on to learn why they’re better for those that suffer from sniffles and sneezes caused by pets.

Life with Doodles

Thanks to their unique coats (often referred to as “hair” rather than fur,” poodles are generally considered better for people that struggle with pet allergies. This is because their curly coats generate less dander, and they don’t shed as much. When bred with breeds like Newfoundlands (the result is called a Newfydoodle, as one does with Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles), puppies are both hypoallergenic and good-natured.

TR Doodles believes that everyone deserves to experience the joy only a loving dog can offer – allergy sufferers included. That’s why we offer both Newfydoodle puppies and Goldendoodle puppies bred from our family’s own well-loved dogs. Each playful puppy that comes from our farm comes from healthy, happy, and energetic dogs that spend their time playing with us and their siblings.

Are our Doodle puppies allergy-free? The question is still up for debate, but most agree that Doodles shed less than other dog breeds. People with allergies also fare better around them for this reason. Of course, everyone’s different, so your experience with our puppies may be different from someone else’s. Ask about puppy playdates if you’d like to see how you get along with our pups.

Apply Today

When you’re ready to welcome a Goldendoodle or Newfydoodle puppy to your home, applying is as easy as filling out our online application. We’ll ask some essential questions about your dog preferences, as well as some about your existing pets and family size. This helps us ensure every puppy is placed with a family that is equipped to provide the love and care they deserve.

Contact us today for more information about our hypoallergenic puppies. We raise our dogs from our home in Castle Rock, Colorado.