Doodle Parents


Delli is an F1 labradoodle who came from Wyndy Ridge Labs and our own Charlie Brown. She is 55 lbs and stands 23″ tall. She has a sweet personality–loves to play with children or snuggle up at your feet.


Dobins is a multi-gen labradoodle from Linderlabradoodles. He weighs 38 lbs. and stands 22″ tall. He is OFA hips/elbows good, CERF normal, cardiac normal.


Duke is our F1b mini-goldendoodle daddy. He weighs 18 lbs. and gives us gorgeous cream and apricot minis. He is tested for OFA hips/elbows, cardiac, and CERF.



Little Anne is our chocolate multi-gen doodle from Hershey. She started out dark chocolate and is now more of a mocha color. She is 50 lbs. and shed-free. We love her affectionate, fun personality. She is the most happy-hearted doodle you will ever meet, unless you have met her mom, Hershey. Annie will be the mom for our double doodle litters starting in 2012.


“Big Red”

Red is an apricot medium poodle with stunning yellow eyes and a charming personality. Red is clear on vWD, OFA hips, cardiac and CERF normal. He weighs 45 lbs.



Hershey is a gorgeous chocolate F1b goldendoodle from Leilo. She will be added to our breeding program after her testing is done in 2010. Watch for her F3 chocolate puppies!

“Minne”Minnie is our littlest mini at TRDoodles weighing only 18 lbs. She lives with my mom and has 40 acres to romp around. She loves to travel in the front seat of the car, eagerly waiting to reach her destination. Minnie is a pretty shade of WHITE (ugh for a farm girl) but gives us cream and white doodle babies. She is OFA, cardiac and CERF good/normal.


This beautiful golden retriever is a sister to Chancy and Belle. We love these bloodlines! Our little Piper is wonderfully athletic, sweet and loving to her family. She stands 19″ and weighs 40 lbs. Piper will be a great “doodle mom” for our F1 goldendoodles!


This sweet girl is a very light F1 standard goldendoodle. She has her hips, cardiac, and CERF testing complete. She weighs 53 lbs. Brie is our very sweet, kind, affectionate goldendoodle. She loves kids, lovins’ and peace in the world!



This little F1b mini goldendoodle is a bundle of fun. Brie is her mom and Pinzy is just as sweet as her!! She was easy to train, eager to please, and loves to snuggle. Pinzy weighs 22 lbs. and will be the mama for our F2b mini goldendoodles.


Rosie is our F1 medium goldendoodle from our ChancyXCharlie. She is just like her mama. Rosie is the best retriever doodle and ready to go on any adventure put before her. She weighs 40 lbs and will be the mom for our medium F1b goldendoodles. Rosie will complete her genetic testing in 2014.


Tink is from our Belle and has some of the wonderful qualities we find in her retriever mom. She is a real cuddle bug and likes to be where the fun is. Unlike some of our other doodles, Tink instinctively retrieves and will play ball for hours. We decided to let her coat grow to show what a fluffy TRDoodle dog looks like full grown. She is 35 lbs and stands 20″ tall. We will complete her genetic testing in 2015.

“Pep” (AKA Pepperdine)

Pep is a full sister to our Piper Girl. She is the littlest retriever we have, weighing in at 40 lbs even. She is super sweet, very athletic and would rather hang out with her boy–my son Tal, than be with the other dogs. Pep has her preliminary testing done and it will be completed in 2015. She will be the dam for our medium F1 golden doodles.


Riley is a sweet natured, F1b labradoodle love bug. She loves to please her guardian family and gets along great with other dogs. We are excited to have Riley join our TRDoodle parents and be a mommy for our mini double doodles in 2016. Her genetic testing will be completed soon.


Emma, dear Emma! She is the daughter of TessieXDobbins. What a unique color she is! In the sunlight you will see her chocolate highlights. Emma is super social and didn’t get the memo that she is a F2 labradoodle and not a person. She lives with her guardian family out in the country and loves to romp and play. She is OFA good, CERF normal, cardiac normal. She will be the mom of our multi-gen labradoodles.