How to Adopt Pedigree Goldendoodles from Castle Rock, CO

Pedigree Goldendoodles Castle Rock, CO


When you are ready to introduce a sweet-natured companion to your household, apply to adopt one of our pedigree Goldendoodles in Castle Rock, CO. TR Doodles has prepared the application in the link below to help us choose the right puppy for you. We are interested in finding safe, loving homes for our adorable puppies.

Our Goldendoodles are non-shedding puppies that will be a welcome addition to your home. The breed is known for being highly affectionate, intelligent, and easy-going. They get along great with kids and other pets, and they are always eager to spend time with their owners. If you want a hypoallergenic puppy that’s easy to train, one of our puppies might be a good match for you.

When you fill out our puppy application below, your answers will be emailed directly to us. We keep all information confidential, and we use it only for matching purposes. We take the health and wellbeing of our puppies very seriously, and so we want to be sure they go to homes that are suitable for their needs and temperaments. We’ll review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

We appreciate your interest in our Goldendoodles. Whether you are looking for a low-shedding dog breed due to allergies, a therapy or service dog, or just a furry friend to spend time with, a Goldendoodle puppy the perfect choice for you.

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Contact us for more information. We breed adorable Goldendoodles in Castle Rock, Colorado.