Adoptable Pedigree Puppies in Bennett, Co


Adoptable Pedigree Puppies in Bennett, CO

TRDoodles is excited to announce the addition of Berniedoodles to the options we have for our doodle friends. These low shedding, allergy free puppies, F1 Berniedoodles are from Tess and Checkers and will mature to 65-70 lbs full grown, with a beautifully soft, wavy coat. Contact me to reserve a puppy from their next litter.

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Allergy Free Puppies

Adoptable Pedigree Puppies in Bennett, Co

Allergy Free Puppies

Greetings from TR Doodles! We are excited that you are considering a Goldendoodle from Colorado as a new member of your family. This decision in selecting that perfect companion can be a fun-filled process as you find the perfect little friend for you. We want to be a friendly, informative resource for you because we believe that finding the right doodle puppy will bring many years of great memories. The Goldendoodle breed is the perfect combination of intelligence, obedience, and loyalty found in two of the top breeds in the world—the golden retriever and the poodle. The genetic strength of a Goldendoodle is known as “hybrid vigor” and can surpass that of its purebred parents. We applaud you for looking into what we believe is one of the most superior breeds you can adopt today—the Goldendoodle!!

About Us

Our journey to raising Doodles began with breeding golden retrievers. We loved everything about the retriever and never imagined ourselves providing another breed. Over the years, however, we came across several wonderful families who could not adopt one of our puppies because of allergy issues with the retriever’s hair. Allergies to various animals play a large role in our family as well, so we could sympathize with the frustration of these families.

We live on a small 40-acre farm on the eastern plains of Colorado. Our seven wonderful children enjoy their country life as together we raise goats, sheep, chickens, 2 horses and the three great parents for our Goldendoodles. Homeschooling has afforded our family the benefit of learning how to provide the strongest healthiest labradoodle puppies, run an excellent home business together, and provide customer service to our adoptive families that is second to none. We are a small kennel which assures you that our parent dogs receive the best care, as well as every puppy that we have.

At TR Doodles we believe that providing the best Goldendoodles is twofold. First, our Goldendoodle parents are genetically tested, show quality, and within AKC breed standard. They have been chosen not just because of how beautiful they are, but also because of who they are. Their temperament and proper socialization is key to our daily family routine. Good breeding is a whole package, and we are careful to do everything in our power to use only the most excellent breeding stock.

Secondly, daily human handling and interaction with each of our adoptable pedigree puppies from Bennett, CO, gives our adoptive families well-adjusted, calm puppies. We spend an enormous amount of time each day in the puppy play area. Basic training starts at an early age so that bad habits never start. Because we are a small kennel and are home each day for schooling– those little Goldendoodles get lots of love and cuddles!! It makes a difference!

So now that you’ve met “Team Ritter” and know a little about our journey with Goldendoodles, browse our website and contact us if we can help in finding your new companion.